Linkedin: https://it.linkedin.com/in/franzesepasquale

Mail: pasquale.franzese@brightreasongames.com

Currently employed as a Technical Director at FastTravelGames, Stockholm.

Project Galileo

Description: A Souls-Like action rpg set in Italy, still unpublished as of date of writing.

What I did: I worked first in the role of lead programmer and then as a tech director. I was in charge of our software architecture and discussing feasibility and estimates of development duration, with veto power. In was also coordinating tech with other departments and managing my team from a “people perspective".

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Description: according to the internet, (almost) the greatest thing to ever happen, featuring the holy Keanu. A First person perspective RPG set in the world of Cyberpunk 2020 half a century later, made by CD PROJEKT RED. Developed with a proprietary engine (redengine 4), involving C++ and a scripting language similar to ActionScript.

What I did: one of my works was visible in the 2019 gameplay reveal, it's the hacking panel visible here:

Aside from that I worked on a number of screens and hud elements, such as the perks screen, braindance UI, SMS messages, codex, quest screen, in-game currency notifications, quest notifications, in-game internet browser, cooldowns/status effects indicators and some more. I also worked on tools used by writers and designers, in particular content management tools used to insert, track and access both in editor and at runtime assets related to quests, in-game websites etc. Part of my work occasionally consisted in proposing some UI/UX changes and planning for features with mockups and design docs.


Thronebreaker: the witcher tales

Description: a hybrid of an RPG and a CCG from The Witcher franchise of CD PROJEKT RED. Developed in Unity3D alongside with Gwent.

What I did: Gwent and Thronebreaker shared quite a bit of code, my work is contained in both, see below for more details on what I developed. Most of the thronebreaker-specific work was to fit the tools developed for Gwent inside the codebase and apply the dedicated changes to the systems I had ownership over.


Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Description: Gwent is the CCG from The Witcher franchise of CD PROJEKT RED. The game was developed in Unity3D.

What I did: I'm working on Gwent as a UI programmer. Given the nature of the game as a live service there have been different versions of it. In the first period, my main contributions were the In-game News system and the Profile panel, for these features I was tasked with building them from scratch (in our framework of course, including animations). Part of the main menu was done by me too (carousel and buttons creation procedure) and I worked on the board's timer as well. I was also involved in other features of the UI, but with more limited contributions (bugfixing, refactoring, extending etc). Occasionally I also programmed tools.

Later on the UI was revamped and I participated more in depth, by developing a virtual lists implementation that was used across all our UI elements with a considerable improvement of performances all over the game.

 of course I also created new menus, like the battle cosmetics selector:

I was also trusted with ownership over the credits system and some other things like the battle intro or the taunt wheel.


Ninja Clone

Description: Ninja Clone is an endless runner game for mobile with a touch of novelty: you can have up to 7 runners all controlled by one finger. The game was released on both android and iOS devices. The first release was enough of a success to push the development of a second version with new enemies and gameplay changes, but due to the publisher ceasing all activities was never released. For the same reason the game isn't available for download on the stores any more. The game was developed in Unity3D.

What I did: As for my contribution I've realized around 70-80% of the code for the game, from the pooling system to the integration of the unity analytics package, the procedural generation of backgrounds and enemy patterns and so on. Some parts were realized either by my teammates or by a programmer working under the publisher of the game, Mangatar; the team realized the code to manage the player's animations, the integration of the translation plugin for international localization and a host of tracking plugins. I also realized all of the UI mechanics and animations.


Mirror Invaders

Description: Mirror Invaders is a vertical shooter, inspired to Space Invaders, to which we added two new elements: the ability for the player to customize his ship with multiple weapons and the ability for the enemies to copy the weapon set of the player for an almost endless replayability. The game was developed in Unity3D. Formerly published on android, it's now only available through direct apk download.

What I did: This game was developed in a really short time (a couple of months). I've realized almost all of the code for the game and all of the UI integration in unity.



UI Demo

This is just a pure-UI demo, I've realized in Unity and built for webGL so that you can experience it without installing anything, straight from your browser.

See it in action here!

Shader Demo

This is a shader demo I made to demonstrate some things I can do with shaders. It's a work in progress, as of now it allows to use one camera shader, one geometry shader and several vertex/fragment shaders.

Since webGL doesn't support geometry shaders, I've decided to make a windows build you can download here.



In one job interview I've been asked to realize a minesweeper in Phaser +javascript. At the time I didn't know what Phaser was or had ever written a single line of javascript code.

3 days later this was the result, did I mention that I'm flexible and a quick learner?

You can play it here or watch the bot play for you.

Game Jams

What the hell?!?


This is a 2 player fighting game where you have to fill your opponent's house/cave with molten lava. Jumping will create a wave or reflect one against your opponent.

This was a 4-people team project made in GlobalGameJam 2017 where I contributed the player controls, input system, procedural mesh system used for rendering the waves and level design. The game was done in under 48 hours.

You can download it here and access the github repository here.

Thinking with Shapeshifts

Thinking with shapeshifts is a project I realized in just 3 (almost sleepless) days during Ludum dare 35, working alone. It's a rather simple platform game where you have a gun that can shrink and grow objects in either height or width, with 7 levels and controller support. I've realized in this time every asset of the game with the exception of the player movement controller and the main character. The game was developed in Unity3D for a webgl target platform.

The main challenge was to experiment with 2D animation here, since this was my first time dealing with such a task on the art side of it. Also producing the music and sound effects has been quite an interesting experiment. Except for the main character all of the 2D assets have been produced by hand-drawing with pencil on paper, then photographing the drawing and lighting/coloring with photoshop where needed. Animations were realized by using the puppet warp tool. Sounds were made with Bfxr. Music was made with sunvox.

Here's the ludum dare page where you can play (and download) the game.


  • GlobalGameJam 2016 – Deus Vult – rts game – unity3d/android
  • Redbit game jam (2015) – DefEdge – tower defense with tap-to-kill mechanic – unity3d/android


Car Galaxy

Description: This app was developed to integrate with a propietary backend system from Megatris LLC. The aim of the app was to manage all the maintenance deadlines involved in the ownership of a car. Numerous extra features were present in the app, like a catalogue of the car models with data scraped from wikipedia or the geolocalization of mechanic workshops that choose to register to the service. The app was developed in android sdk with java language.

What I did: I was involved as a junior programmer, implementing several internal classes and the management of a number of screens.


This website

I realized and maintain this website by myself. I started from a clean Linux install, installed all the rest of the LAMP stack (Apache, Mysql, Php), wordpress and edited the theme to fit my needs. I'm also responsible for every last bit of content in here.



I am an experienced software development engineer with an emphasis on game development. In my career I've worked in a few shipped games for mobile platform before entering the AAA world with CD Projekt Red, now I work as Tech Director in a rapidly expanding AA production. I'm also an hard-core gamer who learned to type before learning how to hold a pen in his hands.

Employment History

Tech Director
January 2021 – present

Lead Programmer
August 2020 – January 2021

UI Programmer 
CD Projekt Red
April 2017 – July 2020

Developer – Unity3d
Sleeping Volcano Entertainment
August 2013 – August 2016 (3 years)

Developer – Android
Megatris Comp
May 2012 – January 2013 (9 months)


Master’s Degree (3+2) in Computer Science
Università degli Studi di Napoli 'Federico II'

Drawing and comics courses (4 years)
Scuola italiana di Comix

Painting (3 years-interrupted)
Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli

For a more detailed cv  see my linkedin profile 


I'm acustomed to work and develop software in different OS.


Althought in the last years C# has been my main focus, in the course of my carreer I've also worked with other languages.

My main work instrument for the last years has been Unity3D but I've also operated with a variety of tools in the past. I learn quickly and I can easily pick new things to work with.


I also have more than just a hobby with art. I attended 3 years of fine arts academy and 4 years of comics/drawing/illustration courses