inertia is what keeps you going

Closed, but will come back.

Hi everyone, As you may have noticed, it’s been a while since my last tutorial and it will be some time before I start writing again. Why this? well, because of major life changes. In january I was facing 7-8 interview processes simultaneously AND preparing my portfolio for GDC (where ...
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factory method in unity3d

Object construction with factory method

How to structure your code to produce loads of objects? Learn the Factory Method and how to implement it in Unity3d! One of the most common things to do in making a game is instantiating objects at runtime. Be it bullets from a gun, enemies rushing forward or instances of ...
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The singleton follow-up – a deeper look into singletons in unity3d

This post it’s a bit different than usual. This is not just a tutorial but rather “the talk”… or a grownup discussion depending on your degree of advancement. And yeah, for some of you it’s going to be like “Look kiddo, I’ve been doing this shit long before you even saw ...
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script tutorial to manage touch input in unity3d

Catching Swipes – a touch screen tutorial

One of the hurdles of dealing with touch screens is to handle finger tracking and boiling it down to a clean cut movement so that one can process gesture recognition. Let’s look how to make a component that: only gets swipes in a specific screen area can detect multiple touches ...
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singleton unity3d inheritance

The singleton post – making a Singleton in Unity3d with inheritance

You already know what a singleton is? See how to do it by inheriting from a SingletonBehaviour<T>, skip to “How to singleton” Sometimes when programming you are just reinventing the wheel. And by sometimes I mean all the time. Basically every problem a programmer faces is an already solved problem ...
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dependency injection in Input for unity3d

Input management with Dependency Injection

Object oriented programming has a lot of patterns that can be very useful for making games. One of those patterns is the Dependency Injection, a pattern that helps to decouple classes that would otherwise be tightly connected. So let’s take something that’s really connected and see how dependency injection can ...
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